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Gateways Pre-Orders are OPEN — at the Apple iBookstore

This is getting more and more real, people.

Pre-orders have officially gone up — more than a month ahead of schedule! — at the Apple iBookstore.

If you have an iPad, a Mac, or really strong glasses and an iPhone/iPod, click here to pre-order your very own copy of Gateways! Or, just go onto iTunes and search “brian gottheil”.

If you have a Kobo or a Nook, pre-orders for those e-readers should be going up within the next week. A Kindle, a Sony device, or other e-readers? They, unfortunately, don’t support pre-orders, but you’ll be able to get Gateways there too on the release date. And if you don’t have an e-reader at all? There are lots of ways to read Gateways on your computer — check out the (brand new) purchase/pre-order page for details.

Speaking of the release date … it’s scheduled for November 10, 2014, but that was when I thought pre-orders wouldn’t go up until Labour Day. Now that pre-orders have started in July, it may make sense to move the release date up a little bit … I wonder …