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The Pre-Order Frenzy: First Free Chapter is Up

Gateways is starting, very slowly, to enter the real world.

Every Monday evening from now until the release date (October 20), I will be releasing a chapter or half-chapter at the Sample Chapters page of this site. All told, you can read the first six chapters free, right here.

I am pleased to announce that Chapter 1, Part A has been posted! It’s one of the most important pieces of the entire novel (aren’t introductions always like that?) Read it here.

And now for another special request for my friends and supporters:

Pre-orders are very important, and this release of chapters is going to be the major push. My goal is to have people coming back week after week to read these chapters, hopefully building anticipation for the actual release. But I can’t do that alone. Please tell your friends to check out the sample chapters and share a link to Chapter 1, Part A on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I don’t ask you to try to convince anyone to actually buy the book — I’m confident enough in Gateways to believe the chapters themselves will do that — but if you have a moment, please do point your friends in my direction. With all of your support, this launch can become something truly incredible.

Thank you so much, with all my heart.



Kobo has Pre-Orders Up!

Pre-order Gateways for your Kobo here, or just go to the Kobo Store and search “brian gottheil”.

Click here for full pre-order information.  2 out of the 3 retailers that support pre-orders have Gateways on their sites now, and the Barnes & Noble Nook store will be coming soon. And once it does, I may have a new release date announcement 🙂

Gateways Pre-Orders are OPEN — at the Apple iBookstore

This is getting more and more real, people.

Pre-orders have officially gone up — more than a month ahead of schedule! — at the Apple iBookstore.

If you have an iPad, a Mac, or really strong glasses and an iPhone/iPod, click here to pre-order your very own copy of Gateways! Or, just go onto iTunes and search “brian gottheil”.

If you have a Kobo or a Nook, pre-orders for those e-readers should be going up within the next week. A Kindle, a Sony device, or other e-readers? They, unfortunately, don’t support pre-orders, but you’ll be able to get Gateways there too on the release date. And if you don’t have an e-reader at all? There are lots of ways to read Gateways on your computer — check out the (brand new) purchase/pre-order page for details.

Speaking of the release date … it’s scheduled for November 10, 2014, but that was when I thought pre-orders wouldn’t go up until Labour Day. Now that pre-orders have started in July, it may make sense to move the release date up a little bit … I wonder …