Sample Chapters: Gateways

A column of shimmering white light burst from the ground inches from where Jayla was standing, and she jumped backward, startled. She heard Brenner let out a whoop of joy, and then she saw him, bathed in another column of purple light. New columns started bursting up all around them, red and green and orange and silver. He passed through two of the columns and they seemed to explode into fountains, streams of coloured light cascading down like the tails of fireworks. It was the most beautiful sight Jayla had ever seen.

northern lights

Friends, gather round.  You seek adventure. You seek light. You seek magic. You have come to the right place.

A chapter or half-chapter of Gateways will be released on this page, every Monday until the release date. All told, you will get the first 6 chapters free right here … and if you enjoy them, I hope you will consider purchasing the rest of the novel.

Chapter 1-A

Chapter 1-B

Chapter 2-A

Chapter 2-B

Chapter 3-A

Chapter 3-B

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6-A

Chapter 6-B

All chapters are Copyrights of Brian Gottheil (2014)


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