Brian as Lawyer

I am a labour and employment lawyer, practicing with Bernardi Human Resource Law in Mississauga, Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area. We serve clients in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout southern Ontario in all areas of labour and employment law.

brian doors

I love labour and employment law for any number of reasons. It’s human. It profoundly affects people’s everyday lives. It’s multi-faceted, pulling in skills from organizational management to legal analysis to negotiation and mediation (you know, at its core, the novel Gateways is about a settlement negotiation). Whether you are an employer or an employee, you need an expert to guide you through these difficult issues, one who has the sensitivity to mediate and the ability to bring people together, yet also the strength and experience to boldly pursue litigation where appropriate.

Bernardi Human Resource Law offers a broader range of services to employers and employees than any other firm of which I’m aware. In addition to a full slate of traditional employment law services, we offer strategic human resource advising, training for employees and management, workplace investigations (i.e., when an independent third party is needed to investigate a harassment complaint), and a special expertise in managing mental health in the workplace.


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