You’re not as messed up as you think.

I’m Brian Gottheil. Swing Out of the Blue is my second novel: a story of vulnerability, resilience, depression and dancing. It’s also about recognizing our common humanity and discovering that, whatever our struggles, we are not alone.

In that spirit, I want to start some open, vulnerable conversations … which also terrifies me. So let’s do it together.

The Story Behind the Story, Part 3

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2 Two personal experiences shaped the story that Swing Out of the Blue would become. The first was an article I posted online in August 2012 in which I publicly discussed my struggles with depression. The responses I received showed me the power of vulnerability: how lowering one’s defences…

The Story Behind the Story, Part 2

Continued from Part 1 I returned to the Queen’s Swing Club characters in 2009. Although Andy had been the protagonist of the 2005 short story, I now saw Sophia was the more interesting character, and I upgraded her to be the protagonist instead. (Back then, I still imagined Andy being a co-protagonist; only years later…

The Story Behind the Story, Part 1

As we gear up for the release of SWING OUT OF THE BLUE, I thought you might be interested in how we got here. Here is part 1 of “The Story Behind the Story”, a short-ish series on the making of the novel. I expect I’ll write more “making of” posts beyond this little series,…

A midnight reflection on vulnerability

It’s hard to restart a blog after 6 years. Each extra day, week, month and year that it lies dormant makes you feel even more pressure to get that first, “restarting” post just right. Which is ironic, since I’m restarting the blog to connect with people over a novel I’ve written about vulnerability. (It’s also…


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