This is a Map

Matthias steadied himself, grasped her hand tighter, and started to squeeze in the code: “Because I can teach you.” And then: “This is a map.”

In the world of Gatewaysthis is a map (click to enlarge):



Designed by the amazing Fiona Jayde — who also created my beautiful cover — I am thrilled to release the official map of the Continent, the world in which Gateways takes place. I am so happy to see the magic Fiona has done with my hand-drawn scribbles of Deugan, Brealand and all the rest.

Pay attention to the little pathway between the mountains toward the top of the map, where the “Gateway Fort” and “Gateway Well” lie, and you may see a hint of the origins of the title 🙂

Folks, what’s even more exciting is that with the map, the cover, and all of the text and editing I’ve already done, I now have a totally complete manuscript. It’s going to start getting uploaded and screened and stuff within days. Labour Day is still the target date for pre-orders to open, but if things happen to work out a little sooner, well … I won’t complain.


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