On War

“I do believe in my country,” Caryn said. “I believe in the things it stands for. And you believe in the things it stands against. That’s why we’re at war, isn’t it?”

Ravencliffe paused, considering. “Do I hear a break from the propaganda? Is the war not about liberating colonies? Or obtaining cheap raw materials from the Fringes? Or revenge for the Wassian Intervention?”

“. . . You and I both know what our current dispute is about. Ideas. And ideas can be hashed out in words, in a room like this one. Without wars.”

Ravencliffe shook his head. “That’s where you’re wrong, Minister Hallom.” A note of sadness touched his voice. “If [democracy has] proved anything, it’s that ideas are wars unto themselves.”


This bit of Gateways which I reread today resonated with me in a new way — and I know it’s strange to talk that way about one’s own writing — so I wanted to share it. There are conflicts happening all over the world … and the discussions we see on Facebook, blogs and news websites scarcely do it justice.

I’ll be in Ithaca, NY for the weekend. Expect some actual book news soon after I return.



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