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Nook Pre-Orders are Up!

We’re at 3 for 3! Click here to pre-order Gateways for your Nook.

Full pre-order information can be found here.

I’ll be in Chicago for the long weekend for a very good friend’s wedding. At some point next week I hope to announce a decision on whether or not to move forward the November 10 release date (i.e., I hope to have actually made a decision by then!).


Kobo has Pre-Orders Up!

Pre-order Gateways for your Kobo here, or just go to the Kobo Store and search “brian gottheil”.

Click here for full pre-order information.  2 out of the 3 retailers that support pre-orders have Gateways on their sites now, and the Barnes & Noble Nook store will be coming soon. And once it does, I may have a new release date announcement 🙂

Gateways Pre-Orders are OPEN — at the Apple iBookstore

This is getting more and more real, people.

Pre-orders have officially gone up — more than a month ahead of schedule! — at the Apple iBookstore.

If you have an iPad, a Mac, or really strong glasses and an iPhone/iPod, click here to pre-order your very own copy of Gateways! Or, just go onto iTunes and search “brian gottheil”.

If you have a Kobo or a Nook, pre-orders for those e-readers should be going up within the next week. A Kindle, a Sony device, or other e-readers? They, unfortunately, don’t support pre-orders, but you’ll be able to get Gateways there too on the release date. And if you don’t have an e-reader at all? There are lots of ways to read Gateways on your computer — check out the (brand new) purchase/pre-order page for details.

Speaking of the release date … it’s scheduled for November 10, 2014, but that was when I thought pre-orders wouldn’t go up until Labour Day. Now that pre-orders have started in July, it may make sense to move the release date up a little bit … I wonder …

This is a Map

Matthias steadied himself, grasped her hand tighter, and started to squeeze in the code: “Because I can teach you.” And then: “This is a map.”

In the world of Gatewaysthis is a map (click to enlarge):



Designed by the amazing Fiona Jayde — who also created my beautiful cover — I am thrilled to release the official map of the Continent, the world in which Gateways takes place. I am so happy to see the magic Fiona has done with my hand-drawn scribbles of Deugan, Brealand and all the rest.

Pay attention to the little pathway between the mountains toward the top of the map, where the “Gateway Fort” and “Gateway Well” lie, and you may see a hint of the origins of the title 🙂

Folks, what’s even more exciting is that with the map, the cover, and all of the text and editing I’ve already done, I now have a totally complete manuscript. It’s going to start getting uploaded and screened and stuff within days. Labour Day is still the target date for pre-orders to open, but if things happen to work out a little sooner, well … I won’t complain.

On War

“I do believe in my country,” Caryn said. “I believe in the things it stands for. And you believe in the things it stands against. That’s why we’re at war, isn’t it?”

Ravencliffe paused, considering. “Do I hear a break from the propaganda? Is the war not about liberating colonies? Or obtaining cheap raw materials from the Fringes? Or revenge for the Wassian Intervention?”

“. . . You and I both know what our current dispute is about. Ideas. And ideas can be hashed out in words, in a room like this one. Without wars.”

Ravencliffe shook his head. “That’s where you’re wrong, Minister Hallom.” A note of sadness touched his voice. “If [democracy has] proved anything, it’s that ideas are wars unto themselves.”


This bit of Gateways which I reread today resonated with me in a new way — and I know it’s strange to talk that way about one’s own writing — so I wanted to share it. There are conflicts happening all over the world … and the discussions we see on Facebook, blogs and news websites scarcely do it justice.

I’ll be in Ithaca, NY for the weekend. Expect some actual book news soon after I return.